Pipes is a collection of photographs showing waterspouts and ventilation pipes in urban architecture. I feel fascinated by the creative solutions to individual routing problems.


I imagine the responsible person(s) being tasked to connect a building’s roof with the ground by using a limited set of default pipe components and facing the given constructural constraints. Along the way they needed to come up with solutions to problems that were individual for each building. I wonder if sometimes, e.g. when difficult decsisions had to be taken, the routing responsibles needed to cope with a certain dissatisfaction, because they personally imagined a more elegant or efficient way of the routing. However, they developed a creative compromise in order to meet the initial goal, i.e. connect building roof with ground.

Most times you find the architectural facade elements having been prioritized over the pipe routing. Interestingly though, sometimes a previous pipe routing was carried over and integrated in the resulting facade renewal.

Nevertheless, the result of the involved people’s work and their decisions are directly visible. Whenever I am outside in urban settings I encounter myself looking for waterspouts and their routing.


Title: Pipes

Runtime: 2022/2023 (ongoing)

Location: Berlin, Germany

Last update: 2023-Feb-05